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Bidet Features to Look For When Shopping

Even while bidets are widely used in other nations, they have just recently gained popularity in the United States. According to studies, these installations are more successful at cleaning and are more sanitary than using toilet paper.

Different bidets are making their way onto the market as they grow more prevalent, and they contain a variety of features to help them stand out above their competition. Everyone has different tastes, and specific characteristics are quite beneficial. If you’re considering installing a bidet in your bathroom, this guide might help you decide what functions you want your new addition to have.

Seat Heating

The chilly porcelain of the toilet bowl can make a visit to the bathroom unpleasant. Even though most of us just sit for a few minutes, some tasks need a little more time to accomplish, and sitting in a hard, uncomfortable environment might cause them more discomfort.

A heated toilet seat bidet may be pretty beneficial to anyone, particularly during the winter. Because only certain individuals will prefer the same degree of heat, choose a bidet with temperature control, such as the Swan S Pro from Swan Toilets. You may effortlessly modify your bathroom experience by using a remote control or your smartphone.

Nozzles That Can Be Adjusted

To successfully clean you after using the toilet, the bidet must be able to target the specific areas that need to be cleaned. Otherwise, the functions are useless, and you must resort to toilet paper. This might result in a waste of money while using your bidet.

You may move the sprayer back and fro with certain bids to reach all parts of your nether regions. The Swan S Pro also lets you accomplish this using the air nozzle, which serves as a drying agent after you’ve been washed. When shopping for bidets, make sure you can vary the pressure of the water and air for more thorough cleanings.


Cleaning the toilet is one of the most challenging tasks we frequently face. We may choose to ignore it, but doing so will make our restrooms dirtier and more odorous. With a bidet installed, there are even more parts that must be cleaned.

Electric bidets, on the other hand, are easier to maintain because a lot of them can clean themselves. The Swan S Pro, for example, cleanses itself after each usage using a mixture of nitrogen and microbubbles. It will next employ UV rays to eliminate any remaining bacteria for the most thorough cleaning. This convenient feature allows you to tick one task off your job list during the day.

Other Features of the Swan S Pro

Even though you may spend a lot of time researching various bidets, you could save time by looking into the Swan S Pro. With a toilet and bidet combination, you won’t have to worry about overspending to add features to your existing toilet.

The Swan S Pro also has sensors that allow it to open and close on its own, making going to the bathroom as hygienic and hands-free as possible. This makes it an excellent choice for homes with elderly or disabled residents who may struggle using a traditional toilet.

Along with that function, the Swan S Pro has an LED night light, so you may use the bathroom during the night without turning on the light. Your loved ones will never longer be disturbed by a 3 a.m. restroom break.

You would imagine this toilet to be an expensive purchase, but Swan Toilets allows you to make periodic payments so that you can acquire a fantastic bidet immediately rather than saving up over time. Swan Toilets wants you to feel like royalty when using the restroom, and they want you to do it right away.

Bidets are still a novel notion for many, yet they can do functions that a standard toilet cannot. With the correct functionalities in yours, even something as ordinary as using the restroom will become a delightful experience.


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