Boiler Maintenance: Importance And How To Do It

Do you correctly maintain your company’s boilers? If not, you need to start a maintenance plan immediately. After all, we are talking about the safety of your employees and even the company’s facilities.

Boilers involve a lot of energy, pressure, and heat in their processes, so they always operate in extreme conditions. Due to these characteristics, it is very important to keep the maintenance of this equipment up to date because, in the most serious accidents, explosions can even occur.

Why Perform Boiler Maintenance?

Avoid unscheduled downtime: It is important to consider that an unscheduled downtime due to the unexpected need for maintenance on a boiler that has some defect will generate great damage, while in scheduled maintenance, it is possible to create a plan so that the downtime does not impact your company’s production, reducing maintenance costs.

High-cost equipment: Investments made to acquire good boiler-making equipment are usually high, so proper maintenance of boilers means ensuring a long useful life, thus avoiding losses and the need to invest in new equipment. Replacing another had to be replaced ahead of schedule due to a lack of maintenance.

Safety: As we know, boilers operate at high temperatures and pressure, so accidents with this equipment can cause great damage and even fatalities. To avoid accidents, boilers are designed with various safety devices. However, they must be checked and maintained up to date by boiler repair Ipswich for example.

Avoid material damage: The lack of boiler maintenance can cause great damage to the company, such as the obligation to pay all medical costs and indemnify victims of equipment accidents. In addition, the company may still suffer sanctions from the Ministry of Labor and the Labor Court if the lack of proper maintenance of the equipment is proven.

How To Perform Inspection And Maintenance On Boilers?

Here are some important procedures throughout the boiler inspection and maintenance process:

  • Hire qualified professionals to carry out inspections and maintenance
  • Follow all the recommendations of NR 13
  • Perform inspection of solder crosses
  • Carry out a boiler check
  • Inspect all electrical wiring and service the electrical cabinet
  • Inspect the water supply system
  • Check the steam output
  • Calibrate and inspect all safety devices
  • Analysis of the state of conservation of the boiler water piping
  • Test emergency systems

 As we can see, a rule applies to the maintenance of boilers and, therefore, a legal obligation to carry out this procedure periodically.