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Chip and seal surfacing – benefits of hiring a professional service

Paving generally refers to the surfacing of roads, walkways, or other similar areas. Because of its wide range of benefits, it has become common around houses. Nowadays, you can find different types of paving’s from which you can choose the best one based on your choice. Chip & seal is a surfacing approach that combines layers of asphalt with a fine layer of chip aggregate.

A chip and seal driveway contractors Dripping Springs offers the advantage of maintaining roads or related landscapes for a lower cost. Paving contractors are the ones who construct paved surfaces, including chip & seal surfacing. When choosing a chip & seal paving contractor, it is essential to consider their various services. These may include driveway and parking lot construction, repairing roads, and other related constructions. You should choose a qualified, reliable, trustworthy, and affordable company.

Benefits of chip and seal surfacing

Chip and seal is a roadway surfacing process where liquid asphalt is applied to seal the road. It consists of a few layers of asphalt and fine chip aggregate.

  • Cost-effective- It is an affordable option for paving requirements compared to other paving materials.
  • Durable- Chip and seal surfacing will last for around 6 to 7 years and is durable because of the additional layers of asphalt and chip.
  • Easy to maintain- Chip seal paving usually requires only less or no maintenance during its lifetime. Its water removal properties will prevent water damage and cracks effectively.
  • Easy to install- Chip and seal are simple to install and can also be driven on quickly after installation, which makes it an ideal option for many other paved surfaces.

Why should you hire a professional chip and seal contractor?

When installing a chip seal, choose the right type for your driveway. If you use the wrong one, your pavement may crack or peel over time. Always choose professional chip and seal driveway contractors Dripping Springs, as they will help you find the right type of seal based on your requirements.


Hiring a professional paving company for chip seal would offer benefits in numerous ways. It would help you save money, get the best quality chip seal surfacing, choose from various styles, etc. So always look for a chip and seal driveaway contractor with good experience and professional teams.

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