Classic Flooring Ideas For Your Residence

With the remodelling and renovation of your house there comes a crucial decision-making point i.e. the flooring of your house. Now, depending on where you reside and the type of vibe you are going for, you can discuss with your interior designer and finalise the right flooring. But since we are on the topic of flooring that suits you best, might we suggest modern parquet flooring? They are super low-maintenance and pretty durable and long lasting. They are available in a variety of styles, colours and patterns, so you have many options to explore.

Modern parquet flooring not only suits modern homes, but it suits traditional homes as well. Modern parquet flooring is one of the most popular flooring options since it’s practical, durable, and way more affordable to have it installed in your home. Before you start looking into modern parquet flooring, make sure you don’t live in an overly humid climate, as modern parquet flooring easily and quilts catch moisture, which is bad for the flooring, and too much sunlight can also damage it.If you’ve already settled on the rest of the interior, make sure the modern parquet flooring you opt for gels well with your home interior. Now that we’ve covered the basic information you need before selecting modern parquet flooring, let’s explore different types and finishes.

  • Colour – Choosing the right colour for modern parquet flooring is crucial, as it can either make or break the entire look and vibe of your house. If your rooms are spacious and have bright-coloured walls, then you should go for darker shades of brown. But if your room is comparatively smaller, you can go for light and bright colours like a light brownish-yellowish shade. One of the simplest ways to make your room appear larger than it is is to use bright colors.
  • Types of parquet flooring – Made from solid pieces of timber, solid parquet flooring gives your floor the authentic feel and look of wooden flooring and are similar to hardwood floors when it comes to maintenance. Whereas, the engineered parquet flooring is made with layers of wood, layered with hardwood veneer at the top. Both types of modern parquet flooring have a similar look and finish, but remember that solid parquet flooring is more durable than engineered flooring.
  • Types of finish – Oil-based wood finishes provide a more natural feel and appearance, but they require more maintenance to protect the timber. Other finishes also include lacquered, brushed, UV, and natural oil.
  • Installation – If budget constraints don’t allow you to hire a professional to install modern parquet flooring, you can DIY it by keeping a few important things in mind. First things first, make sure that the subfloor is flat so that your parquet flooring tiles do not bend when there is too much foot traffic. It is also advised to apply a layer of polyethene film to concrete slabs. And for safety concerns, cut the pieces of wood with a handsaw on a table or ask a gentleman to help you out with it if you are unable to do so.

As for the maintenance of modern parquet flooring, if you have a lacquered parquet finish, then avoid using soapy substances and just wipe it with a damp cloth from time to time. And when your flooring starts looking dull, you can sand it and apply a fresh coat of lacquer finish.