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This might be a lot to take in when I tell you that upholstery or reupholstering your furniture is a big deal, changing and buying new furniture again and again may feel like a hassle but with upholstering in the option the task becomes endearing. When you have decided that you wish to renew your existing furniture here comes the major question of what to go with as multiple options are available in color, design, texture, and with different strengths and other physical properties. You should also keep in mind that the inner layers of your furniture are just as important as the outer fabric, make sure you use the right nails, springs, and padding. Below are mentioned the tools that are required for upholstering furniture along with their functions:


  • Mallets are used to aid in staple removal.
  • Tack pullers are used to remove any tacks holding the fabric in place
  • Staple pullers are used to remove staples to strip the fabric. Also called “staple knockers.”
  • Side cuttersused for cutting wire and removing staples from narrow channels
  • Flat nose pliersare used to straighten bent wire and remove old springs.
  • Ripping hammers are used in the stripping of old fabric and staples.
  • Seat wire is connected to springs using spring clip pliers.
  • Pulling pliersare used to removing staples even from narrow spaces.


  • Tack hammers are used to secure webbing. The magnetic split end allows holding the tack before hammering.
  • Webbing stretchers are used to hold, attach or tighten the webbing.
  • Staple guns are used to staple webbing in place.


  • Spring end formers are used to bend spring so that it does not come out when mounted
  • Spring stretcher used to position sinuous springs.
  • Wire cutter used to cut springs.


  • Spray adhesives are used to bond foam, stuffing, or padding to surfaces or materials.
  • Filler bazooka is used to fill pillows, pillow backs, cushions, mattresses, and mattress pads. The tool works with shredded foam, Styrofoam pellets, and other loose-filling materials.
  • Upholstery regulators are used to smoothing out irregularities in layers of stuffing before the application of the top cover.


  • Scissors are used to cut the top cover fabric.
  • Staple gun used to staple the top cover over the stuffing and padding.
  • Hot glue gun used to fix the final trim or welting detail.
  • Seam stretchers used to stretch seams out and smooth out any wrinkles, also used to cut circles and sew blind stitches.
  • Curved needles are used for slip-stitching cushions, connecting exterior fabric parts, seat work, box edges, and edge rolls, among other things.
  • Decorative nail guns are used to apply decorative nails to furniture.
  • An upholstery regulator is used to properly shape a cushion by poking through the fabric, repositioning filling into corners or curves. Also used for finishing pleats or corners and tucking fabric.


  • Button press used to cut fabric and cover buttons
  • Mallet used to cut holes in the fabric with a belt punch.
  • Tufting needles are used to add or replace buttons on upholstered furniture.
  • A belt punch is used to cut circles in fabric to make buttons in a button press.

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