FAQ On Vicostone Quartz

Quartz is a beautifully engineered product and one of the most popular materials used in residential and commercial constructions. Homeowners all over the world want to include quartz in various parts of their homes, including their bathrooms, kitchen, and even bedrooms. 

If you are looking for materials for your new home, Méga Comptoirs vicostone kitchen countertops may be a good place to start. Most people who do not want this material are the ones who do not have much information about it. Having your doubts cleared can help. 

FAQ on vicostone quartz 

  • What is Vicostone?

Vicostone Quartz is an engineered stone popularly used for making kitchen countertops and included in other interior surfaces as well. It consists of natural quartz minerals, safe inorganic binders, and resins. It is immensely popular mainly in US households. 

  • Is Vicostone Quartz heat resistant? 

Vicostone Quartz is popular in the US and for good reasons. One of the reasons people love and prefer this material is because it is heat resistant. While this product is not completely heat-proof, it can still withstand some amount of heat. 

If you are considering installing Vicostone Quartz in your kitchen, it is recommended to put down a towel or a piece of cloth before placing a hot pan on the counter. Other kitchen staff like knives won’t be able to damage the strong material. 

  • Is Vicostone more durable than granite?

When looking for materials for your kitchen countertop, there are a few options that buyers find themselves confused between. Two of them are granite and quartz. There is often a debate about whether quartz is stronger or granite. 

You may be happy to know that Vicostone Quartz is way harder than granite and is the perfect choice for busy interiors, such as in commercial buildings. Granite is also an excellent material but requires seals to fight off stains and scratches. Vicoston does not need sealers or waxes. 

  • Is Vicostone Quartz safe for food preparation?

If you are considering including quartz in your kitchen, you want to make sure the material is safe for food preparation. You will be happy to know that Vicostone is certified for food safety by NSF (National Science Foundation). It is proven to be resistant to microbes and completely safe for food preparation. 

  • Does Vicostone produce harmful gasses?

No. Vicostone, even though it is manufactured and not a completely natural material, does not produce harmful or off-gasses. It is completely safe to use in school, college, healthcare, or any other environment.