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Four Mistakes You Should Not Make When Using Granite Countertops for Your Kitchen

If you are remodelling your kitchen and want to improve your countertops, you should consider investing in granite countertops. These beautiful and durable countertops are both functional and flexible. Granite may be more expensive than other types of materials but they are worth the money when you buy them wholesale from places like Kitchen Wholesalers. Also, the savings can come from not making any of the following mistakes:

Prioritising Thickness

While the thickness of countertops plays an important role in determining their durability, you should not focus only on it. In general, countertops made from granite come in ¾” and 1 ¼ “thickness. Going thicker than this can mean gluing two slabs together, which is an unwise decision. If you truly want your countertops to be thicker, consider custom solid slabs. Ensure you look for a reputable countertop fabricator who can meet your requirements. 

Choosing Colour Over Quality

Countertops made from granite are available in a range of colours and modern veining patterns that improve the visual appeal of any kitchen. However, it is not a good idea to prioritise colour over the stone’s quality. Granite slabs come in various qualities or strengths. Higher-quality granites tend to be costlier. Keep in mind that every supplier defines “quality” differently, so ensure you know the qualities they are comparing and ranking. And do not think that colour is more important than quality. A beautiful colour is nothing when the countertop does not last long.

Not Matching the Countertops with the Cabinets

Both countertops and cabinets improve the form and function of your kitchen. Because of this, you need to match the style of your cabinets with the granite countertops. So, if your cabinets have an intricate design, pick countertops with intricate edge profiles such as cornice, boulder, or basin edge. Cabinets with a sleek design must be matched with a volcanic or summit countertop edge. Mismatching these features can make the kitchen look chaotic. 

Not Taking Correct Measurements

When you purchase granite countertops, ensure you get the correct measurements of the kitchen space. This way, you will only purchase enough granite slabs. Otherwise, you could buy too many or few slabs, costing you lots of money and delaying your remodelling project. If you are not sure about how to measure your space, hire an installation expert to do it for you. A countertop fabricator can have their technician take measurements before you place your order.

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