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Over the years, homeowners have reported a unique, worrisome, and perhaps dangerous concern: shower doors that “explode” into little pieces without any apparent provocation or stress. Glass panel explosions and subsequent floor-to-bathtub or shower-pan smashes in many instances occur in the middle of the night, waking inhabitants and causing them to panic. About the shower door glass explosion cases you need to know the followings.

Initially, builders and glass door makers were justified in their skepticism and suspicion of the occurrence. Glass does not spontaneously catch fire. Glass doors have been reported to have come away from their frames or mounting hardware and fallen to the ground by homeowners, they said. It wasn’t as if the windows spontaneously caught fire.

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It was only after a large number of others experienced the same experience that the phenomenon was recognized. More than a thousand results are returned when you type “exploding shower doors” into the Google search engine. However, this is very rare, homeowners have reported their glass unexpectedly exploding while in the shower on occasion. When it comes to most of these meetings, you’ll notice a pattern:

The glass didn’t just shatter; it broke with a bang that was visually stunning. Glass pieces did not tinkle on the floor as a result of the breakage, which was not caused by a fracture. One minute, the shower door was completely intact, and the next, it was shattered into tiny pieces. Those who saw the shower door smashing described the noise it made as “deafening”. The glass spontaneous breakage issues come up as quite a consternation.

By pure luck, there was an explosion. No shower panels or door brackets were flung from their frames or knocked loose, causing the whole door to fall to the floor. No one else was there when the glass panels began to shatter, and they did so on their own, with no one else around.

It happened often at night, and it happened frequently late at night, often far into the wee hours of the morning. When the explosion happened, residents were startled up by a loud crack and a flash of light, which roused them from their slumber. The bulk of the occurrences happened between midnight and 3:00 a.m.

The Industry’s Response

Several companies have indicated that the allegations of a “explosion” are exaggerated, and that homeowners may be hearing it this way because of the tight space and hard surfaces of a bathroom, which make any falling glass appear like an explosion. It is hard to disregard the stories of people who have seen such events and have described the explosion first, followed by the glass falling. Stores selling glass shower doors often assert that the issue stems from improper installation.

On the other hand, installation experts will point out that most of the time when these weird glass explosions happen the frames, hinges, and brackets remain in place and are uninjured. The tempered glass is to blame, they claim.

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However, genuine injuries from a shattered shower door should not be underestimated. Rather of creating large, sharp fragments when it breaks, safety glass shatters into incredibly small ones because to the tempering process employed in its production. It is, however, one of the most major advantages of tempered glass, but it is also its most significant downside.