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Hazards of a Faulty Electric Panel

For your home to run efficiently, you need power. Whether it be for lights or appliances, all of this essential electricity leads back to one source known as a breaker box or electric panel. It is the hub for voltage and divides into different circuits throughout the home. Often, these units work without a problem, but when an issue such as a power surge occurs, they can leave you in the dark.

While you might think being without power is the worst of your problems, a malfunctioning breaker box has many other consequences, some more dangerous than you realize. When a problem arises, you need to get professional electric panel repair in Lehi, UT, instead of doing it yourself. For the most reliable assistance, contact Orange Electric to prevent the following issues.

High Energy Bills

You might think that it is impossible for a broken breaker box to cost you more in utilities, but that is untrue. Even though you may see a decrease in power among your appliances, there is still energy being used. Your breaker box is there to control voltage usage, and if it can’t do this job, things can go haywire. Even when you barely use a certain appliance, it can be overrun due to the broken panel. Your monthly bills will quickly add up, much to your frustration and confusion.

Damaged Appliances

Because they may begin to overrun, your appliances can fall victim to total breakdowns, Faulty wiring in the panels can also lead to power surges. With either problem, more delicate appliances like washers, dryers, and computers can become too far gone to repair. This can be a big investment for you, as they tend to be your more expensive products, as well.


The most detrimental issue you can face is a fire or explosion. Your panels are full of wires, and when they deteriorate, they can begin to spark. These sparks can turn into fires if they come into contact with flammable materials like wood or insulation. Within seconds, your home can become engulfed in flames. Not only are you at risk for extensive property damage, but you are at risk of losing your life. It is estimated that electrical fires cause over 50,000 fires in the United States every year.

Signs of Malfunction

The best way to protect your home from any of the above dangers is to know the most obvious signs that there’s an issue. By doing so, you will be able to call help sooner:

  • Your electric panel is beginning to corrode. Often due to age, this can mean that the inner components are also becoming worn out.
  • Listen for any loud or distracting sounds from the panel. This may mean the wiring is becoming loose.
  • Check for overheating, as this can mean that there are currents that are too high for your panel to run.

Electrical panels should never be a DIY repair job, as they are both delicate and dangerous. Your best bet to keeping your home safe is by calling Orange Electric right away.

Why Clients Choose Orange Electric

Electrical work takes a lot of training because technology is constantly evolving. At Orange Electric, their team continues to educate themselves on the most up-to-date solutions to take care of all of their clients’ needs. This allows them to be fast acting, even in times of crisis.

When called for electric panel repairs, a technician will come out to your home and evaluate your system thoroughly. Along with troubleshooting the panel and fixing wires, they can even replace older systems with a newer and more cost-saving model. This is often recommended for your security.

Residents throughout West Jorda, Lehi, and South Jordan, UT, know that they can rely on Orange Electric at any time of day. Their team won’t make you wait amid a disaster just because they aren’t on the clock! You will get a technician at your door, even if it’s in the middle of the night.

Home safety is much more than just a security system. A properly working electric panel can help keep the most important fixtures and appliances running that make your home efficient and comfortable. At the first sign (or sound) of trouble, call in Orange Electric at once.

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