How do different saunas work depending on their heating method?

In this article, we will discuss how different saunas work depending on their heating method. Also, we will discuss the difference between sauna and steam room how to use the steam room properly.

How do different saunas work depending on their heating method?

There are many different types of saunas in the world, and each of them has different working. Some of the saunas work on the traditional Finnish method of dry heating with a water bucket and ladle nearby. While other use only the water bucket to keep the room humid and hot.

The Turkish one uses the wet and heat method in which they have steam as well as the hot temperature of the sauna. If you are looking to buy a sauna or a steam room for yourself, then you should visit the Amerec website. Given below are some different heating methods that are used by different kinds of saunas.

  •  Infrared lamps

These lamps produce electromagnetic radiation that heats the body of the person instead of the room. They have a significantly lower heating record than the normal saunas.

  •  Wood

This is the traditional method in which you keep wood below and then the rocks on top of the ladle. Then you will burst some water on top of the hot ladle every 10 minutes to generate heat.

  •  Electricity

They use electricity to heat rocks and create hot temperatures and is similar to the wood method but uses electricity.

  •  Steam

The Turkish style uses this method in which they boil water, and from that, steam is generated that keeps the sauna hot and humid.

How to properly use a steam room?

Given below are some steps or tips that you can use to properly use a steam room.

  • You should always take a shower before entering the steam room.
  • It is a good idea to wear shower shoes and sit on a towel to avoid any kind of heat and moist germs.
  • You should limit your period from 10 – 15 minutes for a single session in the steam room.
  • Even though the room is wet, you will need to drink water after the steam room to keep yourself hydrated.
  • After exiting the steam room, you should take a shower to rinse off any sweat, germs, and bacteria from the room.

What is the difference between a sauna and a steam room?

Steam rooms are small airtight, which are specially made to withstand wet heat and use tile, acrylic, and glass. They are heated by generators that boil the water and create steam to keep the room hot.

Steam rooms are kept at 110 Degree Fahrenheit that is 43 Degree Celsius, because it is humid. While in the sauna, the temperature is between 150 – 195 Degree Fahrenheit which is between 65 – 90 Degree Celsius.

Both have small seats because the higher and the larger the seat is, the more temperature will be present in it. A sauna and a steam room are never located next to each other because it may confuse many people.