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Is It Possible To Re-Use Skirting?

People can always reuse skirting boards when they are in excellent condition and haven’t got damaged when they have been removed from the walls. There are chiefly a couple of scenarios when you might think of reusing your skirting board. The first condition is to keep the prices of redecorating or renovation jobs down. In this condition, people think of reusing skirting boards. And the second factor is to retain a property’s original features. At times, people also recycle skirting boards that have been taken from a different property. 

Some factors to consider

When you have been upcycling or reusing skirting boards from other properties or rooms, you need to devote some time to installing the boards. You also need to find out the finest places where you will make some joins. Most often, people decide to place joins in several places, and these places remain covered by furniture. And this gives the room an aesthetic feel and look. Before you reuse a high skirting board, you need to take every important step and would ensure that your skirting board is in superb condition. 

Watch out for the scrapes and bumps

Before you reuse a skirting board, you need to check carefully whether there are some scrapes and bumps. Now if they are present somewhere, you must fill them well before you repaint them. For extracting the finest from the reused skirting, you need to devote your time to sanding back the paint, too, and this way, it wouldn’t lose its actual glory.

Fitting a skirting board

Besides ensuring that the skirting board’s visible face is in excellent condition, you should make sure that its reverse side, too, has been prepared properly. Hence, at the time of reinstalling them, you must not undergo any undesired issues. To get the finest outcomes, you must make sure that all the nails that were holding the skirting position have been taken off properly. Again, the adhesive that was used on the skirting board’s back has been cleared well. 

Use the skirting board in your bathroom to get a unique look

The washroom is one of the vital parts of a home. So, every person thinks of providing skirting tiles for this room. As the flooring tiles need regular cleaning and mopping, you must insist on using similar flooring tiles in skirting. 

Use skirting in your kitchen

A kitchen similar to the washroom is a vital space in a house, and here too, regular mopping, wiping, and sweeping are needed. So, a high skirting board is needed in the kitchen as it tends to have a humid condition, and it is a prerequisite for cleanliness. 

The final thoughts

Skirting is considered to be the most important part of civil engineering. It is constructed in nearly all residential buildings, modern structures, commercial buildings, etc. The functional purpose behind using skirting boards is to protect the walls from unintentional thumps of furniture, abrasion, and wear and tear, among many others. Skirting boards work to hide unappealing floor edges and walls that might seem untidy and uneven. 

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