Master Bedroom Closet Ideas


  1. A Built-In Organization System Is A Great Option

Many master bedrooms have very few closets. They only have places to hang clothes and maybe a few shelves. A customized organization system is one of the most important upgrades you can make.

It’s like designing your wardrobe. You can choose from a variety of finishes and materials. Additionally, you can add shelves that are specifically designed for shoes, storage boxes or trousers. To organize accessories and smaller items, you can add drawers. The space was used as a home office before the closet/dressing area renovation.

  1. Make An Island

This is a popular trend in master bedroom closet design right now. A closet island can be a great addition to your master bedroom. It does require some space. You can store hair accessories, jewelry, perfumes, makeup, and other items in a model that has several smaller drawers. You can use the countertop to display your favorite pieces or create a workspace for jewelry and makeup. The peninsula is similar to an island but it has three sides. However, this does not necessarily mean that there is less storage. When choosing between an island or a closet peninsula, the most important factor is how large your closets are.

This master closet design is an open closet style that puts everything on display rather than conceals. The center closet island/peninsula is the focal point of the space.

  1. Cube Storage: Reduce clutter

Cube storage Square shelving that can be used with or without matching square canvas drawers. You can make the cubes any size you like, but standard canvas drawers will fit into a 12-inch by 12-inch cube. This storage method has been in use for some time. For shoes, open cubes are used a lot. Wine bottles You can find more. It’s a great place to store a lot of things.

Cube storage can be used in so many ways. The canvas cube drawers can be used as baskets to store small toys and socks, undergarments, makeup palettes, and other items that aren’t in a designated storage area. Open cubbies are a great way to store shoes, purses, small boxes, or folded items. This master bedroom closet uses cubes for the storage of small purses and items kept in boxes.

  1. Take Stock of Your Needs

The modern closet design has many benefits. It doesn’t rely on “off-the-shelf” solutions. Designers are becoming more aware of the unique needs of people, such as the man who has a huge tie collection or the one who collects baseball caps.

What does this all mean? This means that you can no longer use traditional designs. Instead, you can create a closet that suits your needs.

The owner of this closet needed a considerable amount of extra storage for her shoes and clothing. She built a large master closet directly under the master bedroom in the basement of her small ranch home to address these needs.

  1. Divide Your Storage Space

A beautifully designed closet makes everything feel organized. Everything is arranged by category. You might have only one or two hangers in an older master closet. You can do so much more by breaking it down into smaller sections. For example, you could have his-and her sections in your closet. Or, you can sort hanging clothes by category such as dresses, blouses with long sleeves, and so on. Similar principles apply to drawer and shelving systems. To balance the contents of a closet that is his-and-hers, you might consider installing two sets or drawers.

  1. Rotating Storage Maximizes Space

You are probably familiar with the small lazy Susan, which is a countertop-style or corner cabinet in your kitchen that rotates so you can store more items and have easy access to them. You can do the exact same thing with your closets but on a larger scale. While smaller rotating corner cabinets are great for storing shoes and other items, larger rotating cabinets floor to ceiling have more options. You can hang handbags and shoes on the shelves. One section can be used to mount a full-length mirror. You’ll be amazed at the many things that large rotating cabinets can do!

To store all of the shoes, this long narrow walk-in closet uses the 360 Organizer, a rotating closet organizer. Another closet organizer divides the space into separate areas, one for pants and another for blouses, sweater shelves, and a longer section for dresses.

  1. Add Seating

A closet can be made more functional by adding seating. When thinking about adding closet seating, most people think of bigger walk-in closets. There are many ways to add seating to small walk-in closets. A bench seat is a great place to relax and put on your socks or shoes. A stool around a closet hutch or island makes it more comfortable to store your accessories and apply makeup. Try adding a comfortable stool like this one as a seating idea for your small master bedroom closet.

  1. Do Not Skimp On Lighting

This is another great idea that will make your master bedroom closet more functional. Although we often view closet space as just storage, large walk-in closets can be used as a place to get ready for the day. It’s much easier to find the right item and put together great outfits when there is good lighting. It also makes the space appear larger, allowing you to show off all that you have.

To make things more visible, you should consider lighting shelves and clothes hangers. To make details easier to see, you can place lighting around mirrors. Don’t forget overhead lighting. You can use track lighting to illuminate certain areas or a chandelier, or any other lighting you like, as long as the space is well lit.

This closet uses under-shelf lighting to illuminate the hanging areas, strip lighting behind the crown molding to provide ambient light, and LED puck lights over the built-in vanity for task lighting.

  1. Convert a Spare Bedroom

Many homes don’t have large master closets. Older homes had smaller closets, so there may not be enough space for a walk-in. Modern homes have rectified this problem, but the master closet might only be big enough to fit in without much extra space. You may be able to use the spare bedroom as an alternative bedroom if you are doing major remodeling. You can transform the master bedroom into a closet by opening a doorway from the master bedroom. This is a great way of leveraging a major feature most closets lack: a window. Natural sunlight is the best way to brighten a space and make it feel bigger. Even if your closet doesn’t have a window, you can add one – even a skylight – to make it feel larger and brighter. This master bedroom closet is designed to take advantage of the window which provides natural lighting and brightens the space. It also employs a judicious use of both open and closed storage components within the closet organizing system.

  1. Comparing Open Storage and Closed Storage

This is one of the many options. There are some things you should consider before deciding between open storage and closed storage. Open storage allows you to see everything, including clothes, shoes, and everything on shelves. Closed storage is covered with cabinet doors. Your style is the first factor that will determine your style. Are you looking to showcase your well-curated wardrobe? Open storage is the best option if you do. Closed storage, on the other hand, is great for those who like to keep things clean and tidy. Open storage can be used to display a few items and closed storage to conceal the rest.

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