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Mini Excavator Hire For Small Private Projects

The humble mini excavator has changed the way we think about excavation, digging, and the scope of construction sites in general. Mini excavator hire allows for perfect positioning and use of much-needed professional equipment on small construction sites and for private use and projects. Where in the past, traditional diggers and excavators would be too large and costly to use on smaller sites, the mini excavator and access to the best plant hire service has meant that anyone can now gain access to the tools, equipment, and machinery they need to get the job at hand done effectively.

How can a mini excavator be used on a small site?

A mini digger is used wherever you require excavation to take place. The machine is made up of a boom, a dipper, and bucket connections, with a range of mini excavator attachments to help with a whole host of tasks and projects. Mini excavators are compact and small in size, most can rotate through 360 degrees, and they are lightweight compared with other large plant. What this all means is they make the perfect companion for small sites and private projects where there might only be a small structure to remove or replace, and not much access.

For various domestic and small-scale construction tasks, a mini excavator hire is perfect. The buckets are small enough to be precise and used with more control, the cabs are also smaller and lighter making them a more comfortable fit for the person operating them. Small private projects are often conducted on single plots of land, with limited access. Projects such as patio reworks, shifting dirt, domestic landscaping, or preparing the ground for a small structure to be built, all benefit from hiring mini excavators.

Are mini excavators safe to use?

Mini diggers do not require a formal license, meaning they can be used on private sites. You will need a license to drive it on a public road though. This makes them an attractive and much-needed piece of kit for a small construction site. They are pretty easy to get used to, with great manoeuvrability and simple controls. You do have to be careful, as with any vehicle or piece of machinery. The best plant hire companies offer extensive training manuals, training on-site, as well as top-notch maintenance and servicing to help maintain high safety standards. 

If you are planning a small private project where there will be a need for mini excavator hire, consider looking out for the best plant hire service you can find. The improvements in plant hire as a service, and the technological advancement of equipment and machinery offered through a national plant hire company make it much easier than ever before to rely on plant hire to help you with a small project. Hiring a mini excavator for your site will help you to prepare the ground, tear down small structures and finish off a project with ease, even if the plot of land is quite small or has difficult access.

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