Moving In: 8 Useful Cleaning Tips Before  Moving To Your New House

Change is inevitable, they say, and so is moving houses. Although the moving process is stressful, one can get many benefits from it.

Moving places make you look at life from a different perspective. It takes you out of a rut and provides a fresh start.

So before you cancel the idea of moving houses because you got overwhelmed, check out these cleaning tips first we’ve rounded up for you. It might not be as hard as you think.

Start at the top of the space and move down

Time to go back to the basics and start using those trusty feather dusters again.

Focus on cleaning the cobwebs and dander from the ceiling. Take out those vents, light fixtures and dust them. Clean out those awkward and hard-to-reach corners. It is easier if you have a vacuum cleaner as you can adjust its length. However, a feather duster can equally do the trick.

It is important to start cleaning the top space and move down because you work with gravity instead of against it with this cleaning hack. You allow the dirt and dust to collect on the floor until you’re ready to move to the flooring.

Wipe off all the windows and Mirrors

Windows and mirrors are some things that people tend to overlook when cleaning.

Windows can bring natural light inside your home, so they must be free of dust. Use some glass cleaner with a microfiber cloth; otherwise, the dust will smudge off the windowpane.

On the other hand, mirrors can give an optical illusion that a particular space is bigger than it looks. However, it can also cause some distraction from the view if it is not free from fingerprints. Mirrors, especially the big pieces, should look shiny most of the time.

Disinfect the bathroom toilet

Toilet cleanliness is an essential part you should not miss before moving in.

The bathroom is known to be the ultimate bacteria host. Microorganisms that cause diarrhea, such as E. coli, can be found within six feet of the toilet and in the sink. Therefore, to keep these disease-causing organisms at bay, toilets and sinks need to be disinfected at least once a week, and then the bathtub or the shower every two weeks.

Clean the kitchen

The kitchen may quickly become one of the busiest parts of the house. From preparing early morning breakfasts up to late-night cravings, you’ll notice that it will be seldom quiet on this side.

So make sure to clean all the cupboards before filling them in. Disinfect all the countertops. You may also replace the handles for the kitchen for an upgraded look without spending too much. And then strategically plan which kitchen equipment to display or which ones to store. Don’t forget to disinfect the floor as well.

Finish it off by adding lovely kitchen rugs to make this space look homey and inviting.

Wash the Walls

Unless you already thought of repainting before moving in, it pays to wash the walls at least once.

Washing the walls ensures that no one in the family gets allergies due to dust and maintains a healthy atmosphere. You can mix vinegar with water to avoid spots and streaks as you wipe the walls. It saves you from buying those commercially sold wall-cleaning solutions and is, most importantly, eco-friendly.

Even Maid Sailors house cleaning services – Austin believes in 100% green cleaning. The intention was to promote non-toxic and naturally-derived safe cleaning agents.

Clean the cabinets and closets

Wooden cabinets and closets may give off a musty smell when left unused for a while.

As you wash off the walls, continue doing it in the bedrooms, and don’t forget to include the closets. You can use the same water and vinegar solution, so you won’t need to worry about toxic chemicals getting into your clothes as you start organizing and filling the cabinets.

Don’t forget the medicine cabinets, handles and knobs too.

Clean the major appliances

If you are moving into a new house furnished with major appliances, clean them first before using them.

When cleaning microwave ovens, you can put water in a microwave-safe bowl, place it in and let it run for three minutes. Then, use a paper towel to wipe off the inside. The steam softens those lingering spills and even removes any smell. Use an eco-friendly disinfectant for the refrigerator before plugging it in. You may also use baking soda to remove the musty smell.

Scrub the stovetop to remove hardened food spills and use lemon to make it shiny again.

Tackle the rest of the space

Now is the time to address the rest of the house and focus on the flooring. Remember the first step? Start from the top and work your way down.

Do one final vacuum session and then follow it with a damp mop. Check the faucets if they’re full of lime grease; you may use lemon here. Check the placement of the electrical outlets, so you’ll know where to place your appliances. Fill in the holes on the walls by covering them with artwork or using hole fillers.

Every space or corner you haven’t touched base yet – this is when you tackle them.


Now that you’ve ticked all the boxes, you are ready to move in!

Although deep cleaning can be daunting, do not forget to look at the bigger picture. It is better to move in with a clean space than regret it the next day. Remember to do it one step at a time, and the next thing you know, you’re already settling in smoothly.