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Panel blinds are more modern alternative than others

New Panel blinds to make them more modern. Since people typically only change their window fittings every 10 years, we completely understand the need. At the end of this time, it’s natural to feel that your blinds are looking a bit shabby and in need of an upgrade. Panel blinds are a great choice as they are quite simple and a modern alternative to vertical blinds.

And what is more modern than being multifunctional? The best products today are those that can kill two birds with one stone, which panel blinds achieve most effectively. First, when you buy panel blinds, you can use them on windows, doors, and as room dividers. Do you have children who share a room and need defined spaces? Panel blinds can help.

Besides, if you’re lucky enough to have tall windows and expansive sliding doors, why hide them behind drab window furniture? Show them in all their glory and let your house show its best face. These qualities are a rarity today and must be celebrated whenever you can!

How do panel blinds work?

Panel blinds feature a series of panels on different tracks that stack neatly on top of each other when the blind is opened. They provide excellent access to the exterior and are a popular choice for sliding glass doors. Panel blinds can be tilted to allow light and air to filter in while maintaining privacy.

How do panel blinds stack?

Panel blinds consist of a series of sliding fabric panels that are folded together along several tracks. Large windows or doorways can be divided to reduce the volume of fabric stacking when the blinds are opened.

Better privacy and light control

Functionality is key to any blind, and panel sliding blinds tick all the boxes in this regard. Because the panels themselves are designed to overlap each other when drawn, bright gaps are eliminated. This gives you complete control over how much light you want in your space at any given time. This feature also means you can expect exemplary privacy.

Light has a profound effect on the atmosphere of a room. Whether you’re decorating your home or just want to reduce the glare on your TV, the right blinds will help you achieve your goal. Blackout panel blinds are especially great for completely blacking out the light. Light-filtering panel blinds help transmit light more subtly.

Easy maintenance

Let’s face it, we’re all busy. The last thing you want is to spend most of your time cleaning your blinds every time they get dirty.

The good news is that maintaining panel blinds is a piece of cake. Since they come with long flat panels, all they need is a cloud of occasional dust. For better cleaning, just wipe it with a damp cloth and let it dry. No need to take them all off and scrub them.

In addition, they are great for households with children or pets. If your dog damages a panel, for example, because he didn’t trust this new “thing” in your house, you can easily replace it.

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