Pest control in Idaho 101: Key pointers for homeowners

Finding pests and bugs in your Idaho home can be a disgusting experience. It makes no sense to waste your time and money on DIY hacks and ready-to-use products from the supermarket because these don’t work. You need a professional company such as Armis Pest Management to tackle the situation. Here’s what you need to know about working with pest control services in your city in Idaho. 

Finding the first signs 

There are numerous telltale signs of pest infestation, and if you have spotted even one of these signs listed below, you must call a professional service right away – 

  1. There is damage to wooden structures
  2. Your family members are suffering from frequent and unexplained allergies
  3. You have found droppings and urine of pests
  4. You have found pests on your clothes, furnishings, and furniture
  5. You have heard rustling and other sounds from walls and kitchen
  6. You have seen pests in clear sight
  7. You have bite marks on your body

Finding the right pest control companies

As in any industry, there are different types of services in the pest control business. If you are new to using such services, we recommend that you check the following – 

  1. The company needs to be licensed
  2. It must have general liability insurance
  3. It should have insured, certified, and trained workers
  4. It must be a member of professional pest control organizations and bodies
  5. It should have a proven track record

If a company claims to be among the best in business, it will also have good reviews online. While pest control companies are usually ready to share references, independent client testimonials on Google can be a great way to compare your options. 

Focus on the methods and means

One of the key issues and concerns with pest control services is the rampant use of pesticides and toxic chemicals, which are harmful to humans, animals, and the planet. When you hire a pest control company, ask them if they are taking steps to minimize environmental concerns related to the job. Many companies in Idaho are now relying on products that are safer and don’t leave behind as much residue, and are safer than common pest control products. 

Also, besides pest control, the company should focus on prevention and pest management. If you can get a maintenance contract from them, it is worth paying for as you wouldn’t need to spend huge on remediation in the near future.