Playground redesign

Playground redesign: focusing on children’s safety and development

Parents are always concerned about the well-being of their children, especially in public venues like schools and parks. The only choice that is left for manufacturers of playground equipment is to follow this trend and replace dangerous metal structures and fast-moving merry-go-rounds with slower and safer alternatives made of plastic and rubber. In what ways, therefore, does this disposition influence the children?

Occupational therapists treat their patients using equipment that resembles merry-go-rounds in order to strengthen their patients’ abilities to control oneself and keep extended attention to a variety of tasks. This apparatus, when used often, assists children in the gradual development of a stronger sense of balance as well as improved attention.

Despite this, the vast majority of playgrounds either do not have merry-go-rounds or have replaced them with slower, safer alternatives. What does it all amount to? There have been a number of individuals throughout history who have been able to get away with a lot of things because of the system that was in place at the time. This is because children were able to improve their balance, stand more solidly, and learn new things more rapidly when they played on “dangerous” antique playground equipment like merry-go-rounds, high swings, and teeter-totters.

While newer technologies are safer, they are also less interesting and challenging to use. Within a matter of minutes, children get disinterested in it and start using it in a manner that is counter to what its creators intended. Children often climb from the bottom up on slide tunnels or slide structures, which is a more dangerous activity than spinning quickly on a merry-go-round or falling from a tall structure.

But, the fundamental issue about contemporary technology is one’s health, not one’s ability to avoid boredom. Lowering the playground’s height, velocity, and the number of obstacles all imply that the children’s sensory and vestibular input will be reduced as well. Children need pace, change, and challenges in order to grow correctly and to be able to focus on learning and other tasks. This is necessary for children to be able to do. They had to fast slide down, turn around, swing as high as possible, and hang upside down on those monkey bars. It makes perfect sense that children would choose to stay indoors and play video games online rather than go outdoors where they would be deprived of these luxuries. What action should we take?

Reconsidering Children’s Toys from a Safety Perspective

Since it is impossible to choose one over the other in terms of a child’s development, the solution is not to force parents to make this choice but rather to design, produce, and put in place apparatus that offers both options. Installing merry-go-rounds on rubber matting in the playground rather than pulling them down is the best way to avoid slipping and falling. Even falling off of playground structures like monkey bars and slides would be fun if they had soft landings. Including some outside children’s furniture, outdoor shade structures, and other such items as a complementary addition to this safe equipment.

Parks, schools, and other business enterprises may all benefit from the playground equipment that Sturdybilt can give because of its ability to create a stimulating, amusing, and safe environment. 

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