Pool Building And Installation

A swimming pool is an investment in your property, so it is crucial to understand what is required to get the process underway. Below are non-negotiable steps needed for pool building and installation:

1. Get a Team Together

Pool installation is not a do-it-yourself project; therefore, it is essential to assemble a team that can assist with successfully getting the job done. You can either hire an architect who can help with designing and permitting the pool and then employ a pool contractor to construct the pool or you could hire a pool contractor who can design and build the pool.

2. Establish a Purpose for the Pool

Is it for entertaining the family? Just aesthetics? Swimming laps for exercise? Boosting resale value? These will impact the pool design; therefore, they should be considered before your first meeting with the team.

3. Ensure Regional Restrictions and Codes are Determined

California laws dictate that your pool must be at least feet from the property lines. In other states, the required distance is further away. The local requirements will influence the final design and a foot or handful of inches can make a huge difference.

4. Maximize the Use of the Space

Do not let an oddly-shaped or smaller yard stop you. Strategically, there are many ways the space can be used; one of which is tweaking the design of your landscape. Certain plants or trees, such as bamboo, can be rooted so deeply that they could make it quite challenging to build a swimming pool.

As such, if you decide on plants or trees that grow more linear, such as Ficus trees, you will be able to construct a bigger pool. You will still be able to use greenery to create that vertical allure. The effort put into tightening up the greenery could be valuable in making a pool fit in the space.

5. Plan Many Months in Advance

Right now, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, construction, in general, is on pause in many states. However, it is a remarkable time to get a jump start on the process of planning since that phase could take up to a month or two. On average, a pool takes anywhere between four and six months to come together.

It should be noted that this timeline involves some other hardscape components, whether it is an area designated for entertainment or footed paths to the garden area. However, the process might not take as long. There is a massive range based on the complexity, approvals, and volume of prefabrication. The timeline is estimated between one month and three months. It will largely depend on the scale of the project.

Ideal Time for Pool Building and Installation

• Breaking ground on a swimming pool during springtime is a marvelous idea if you would like it to be ready for summertime. However, if you live in a rainy area, flooding could be a hindrance.
• Another great season for pool installation is the fall since the weather is steadier.

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