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Drapery curtains are fabric panels but are generally made from thicker materials and cut to floor length or to slightly puddle on the floor. Drapes can boost your décor and the overall aesthetic of a room and are available in multiple options for bright control, privacy, and insulation

Drapes are available in an extensive range of premade or customizable sizes, fabrics, patterns, and colors. They can be suspended from either a rod on rings, grommets, a drapery, or a fabric sleeve.

Design Styles

Casual Drape Styles

Casual drapes are pleasurable colors and patterns with an informal and easy-going vibe. They are a good drape design grace for bedrooms, bathrooms, and kitchens.

Classic Drape Styles

Classic drapes usually come paired with boards, scarves, and window treatment sets. They are some of the easiest drape polishes to create because there are so many drape ideas out there for classic drapes and curtains.

Contemporary Drape Styles

Contemporary drapes are mainly earth-toned or glooms of gray inspired by nature to provide a fresh perspective on the classic style of drapes. They often contain unique touches to create a complex look and design that isn’t over-the-top or pretentious.

Modern Drape Styles

Modern drapes are minimalistic, often in gallant solid colors with clean lines or abstract elements. This type of drape is good for making a statement or adding a popular color to a room.

Drape Ideas

You need some drape designs to go along with your types of drapes and styles of drapes. Here are drape ideas to get you encouraged for your home. As you see, drapes can make a room modern with added texture and warmth! Custom window usages are a great place to start creating and dreaming about what a space could be. And custom drapery is a great way to bring a room organized.

These drape ideas will inspire you and guide you as you start your journey designing your rooms and windows.

  1. Bay Window Curtains

Bay windows are a great cause of natural light and can add a lot of depth to a room, but it can be tough to come up with drape ideas for them. Measuring out the dimensions of your bay window and fitting them with sliding curtains  are a great way to add drama and romance to your bay window as long as window coverings when you need extra privacy or to diffuse light.

  1. Blanket Stitch Curtain

A blanket stitch is a simple yet profound way to make your curtains pop, and one you may be able to put into drill yourself if you are handy with needle and thread. They offer texture and complexity to a solid neutral-toned style of the drape while emphasizing a cozy and comfortable feel for your room.

3. Blending In

Blending in drapes adds a distinctive touch to any room. Sometimes delicacy is the best way to pull a room together. Blending curtains with the wall color by buying drapes that are a few tones darker than the surrounding walls will go a long way to make the entire room have a vital theme and design.

  1. Internal Curtains

A drape idea you may not have believed about, but one that you need to consider, is setting up internal curtains for entrances into hallways and rooms. Fitting internal curtains sets a more romantic vibe, but is becoming more popular in current and modern designs, too.

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