Taupe Grey Kitchen Cabinets Is The New Fall Season Favorite

Are grey kitchen cabinets a good kitchen remodel idea? Can they match modern kitchen designs? What colors go well with them? Well, these and many such-like questions are presently troubling many homeowners. 

While grey kitchen cabinets are currently trending at the top, it is easier to consider their popularity a fad for they have occasionally been in and out of fashion in the past. Are you one of the homeowners unsure about whether or not to go for cabinets with grey paint? If yes, why not continue reading this review article? 

To help you determine whether grey cabinets are perfect for your kitchen interior design needs, I have explained different things about these drawers in this article. Therefore, read on to discover everything you ever wanted to discover about grey-toned kitchen cabinets. 

Is the Popularity of Grey Kitchen Cabinets a Fad?

Of course not! Whereas cabinet designs can come and go fast, the current varieties of brown kitchen cabinets seem to have an extended lease of life in terms of popularity. Generally speaking, the charming properties of the sets of grey kitchen cabinets currently being unleashed by manufacturers go beyond their neutral shades and functional value to include the following. 

#1: Design Multiplicity

Grey-colored cabinetry designs are presently a charm to many homeowners, thanks to the fact that they feature multiple designs. Whether you have an affinity with traditional or modern-style kitchen cabinets, the chances of you finding your preferred designs among grey cabinet varieties are not more, not less, higher. 

 These drawer varieties don’t just feature variability in terms of design but various features, including color and shape as well. Regarding color, grey kitchen cabinet designs feature multiple shades of the color grey, including cadet, carbon, charcoal, clear, and court greys among many other grey shades. In terms of shape, these drawers come in versatile shapes and layouts, from open to closed cabinet layout designs. 

#2: Opportunity for Color Mixing

The fact that the color grey is neutral and can perfectly rhyme with a range of different colors is one reason why cabinets with grey paint are set to trend for a long time. Considering how color mixing is held in high esteem in contemporary interior design, décor materials adorned with colors that give room for color mixing are bound to trend unperturbed

#3: Unequaled Longevity

Considering that all their varieties are engineered from the most known durable materials, for example, hardwoods, metals, and laminate materials, grey kitchen cabinets guarantee homeowners longer-lasting service. Now that the cost of living is constantly skyrocketing, these drawers will trend unfathomably all because they are cost-effective. 

Besides their minimal susceptibility to damages caused by tear and wear, grey cabinets come with strongly-built components that make them look stronger for years. Instead of getting rid of them after prolonged use, simply resell them because they tend to have impressive resale value compared to dozens of cabinetry designs. 

How to Work with Grey Kitchen Cabinets

  1. Install Mixtures of Colors

As we have just noted, grey kitchen cabinets provide unlimited chances for color mixing, thanks to the neutral aspect of their soft grey tones. In this regard, one strategy for working with them is the incorporation of mixtures of colors in any interior in which they are installed. When choosing colors to work with, however, you must always consider the following; 

  • Your color choices
  • Décor materials inside your pantry
  • Presence or absence of cabinet accessories
  • The lighting inside your kitchen
  1. Incorporate Natural Wood

The image of grey-stained cabinetries mixed with natural wood tones is as natural and soothing as the image of a tree beside a soft-flowing river. If you by any chance want the grey color scheme on the cabinets to come out magnificently, you should try working with dark wood undertones. 

According to interior designers, wood flooring is a viable option for interiors with grey cabinets. If you are not charmed by wooden floors, you can opt to fix natural wood undertones on areas like cabinet countertops and hardware components. The takeaway is that your grey kitchen cabinets will look attractive if you blend them with natural wood stains or finishes. 

  1. Ensure Regular Cleaning and Maintenance 

Because their outlook is not as bright as that of light-stained drawers like cream and white cabinets, grey cabinets demand regular cleaning for them to look vibrant at all times. Regarding maintenance, you must from time to time assess various cabinet parts to find out whether there is a need to replace something or generally refurbish the cabinets. 

One good thing about cabinets with grey paint is that they are easier to clean and maintain. Because of their grey stains, these drawers hold dirt and showcase scratches and finger marks less often. 

Types of Grey Kitchen Cabinets

  • Modern Grey Kitchen Cabinets

Modern-style cabinets with grey paint are some of the latest varieties of grey kitchen cabinets. Besides featuring blends of varying materials, modern-style grey cabinets are versatile and compatible with different types of kitchen interiors. Their major varieties include the following. 

  • Modern-style grey shaker kitchen cabinets
  • Frameless grey kitchen cabinets
  • Grey RTA kitchen cabinets
  • Open-shelved grey cabinets
  • Traditional Grey Kitchen Cabinets

Also called classic-styled grey cabinets, traditional grey cabinets include the likes of classic-style shaker cabinets. The hallmark design feature of these drawers is their simplistic features, most of which emphasize practicability and not visual aesthetics. While they are good for country-inspired or vintage kitchen interiors, traditional grey cabinets are compatible with almost all modern kitchen interior designs. 

Where to Find Grey Kitchen Cabinets

Grey kitchen cabinets are accessible online on various virtual shopping platforms. All you need to do is to locate an accredited shopping platform, try window shopping, and finally make a purchase. Before committing your money, however, you must be sure that the cabinet designs you have chosen are high-quality. You also need to be certain that the cabinets you choose to buy align with the visual aesthetic design features of your cooking space. 


Grey kitchen cabinets have dominated the kitchen interior design industry for many years. In 2023, they are some of the notable cabinetry designs that the majority of homeowners consider the perfect go-to designs. Grey-colored drawers are easier to use, convenient to find, and exceptionally durable, all of which make them perfect for your interior design needs.