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The IP rating of LED lights: what is this?

The IP rating of LED lights is a rating system that informs contractors, building owners, and electricians about the level of protection against potential electrical shock should a malfunction in the power supply to a particular piece of equipment occur. The IP rating is not related to how well the LED light works but rather how effective it will be when there is an electrical fault (such as when something overheats).

How do you find out your ip rated led lights?

You can do a test to see if your lights have an IP rating. After the power supply has been shut off, short the two ends of a 200cm cable inside it. Then connect both ends to a power supply and try to light it up with a dimmer switch mounted on an electrical box in your house. If you cannot turn it on with the switch, you know that your power supply does not have an IP rating.

What is the purpose of IP rating?

Many types of electrical equipment require an IP rating as part of the safety regulations. This is to protect the house owner from faulty equipment within the home. The most common uses for IP rated electrical items are:

  1. Appliances for the kitchen and bathroom. These require a standard rating of IP55 or IP22, which limits the total enclosed area and prevents water from entering. Appliances have the IP label printed on them in plain English to prove that they are suitable for their purpose.

  1. Ceiling light fittings, such as halogen downlights, are constructed from not conductive materials and, therefore, will not cause a shock should there be a fault with the electricity supply. If a ceiling light fitting has an IP rating, it means that it is protected against corrosion as well as against electric shocks.

  1. Security systems, switches, and locks. These must withstand a maximum of 12 volts of electricity and have an IP rating to be sold.

  1. Fire extinguishers. These have an electric shock protection rating to prevent sparks or shocks that could cause the electrical unit to short circuit and cause fire damage.

How to use the IP rating of led lights and its benefits?

Set your selected lighting effects with the dimmer switch. Then short the light leads together and connect to a power supply to turn on the lights. If you do not have an IP-rated light that is not marked clearly or on the box, you should contact the seller to ask why they have not marked it.


  • The IP rating gives you security
  • These lamps reduce the need for an expensive electrician as they can be used in a wide range of applications
  • You can save money due to reducing the need to pay for an electrician
  • They will help keep your home and family safe and secure.


The main purpose of the IP rating system is to protect you as a householder. It also clearly indicates to electricians, tradespeople, and other technical professionals that they need to take extra care before working on the electrical equipment inside your home.

The IP rating is an essential part of the electrical safety guidelines. It gives you peace of mind when using electronic items, from lights to computers, to help keep your home safe.

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