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Things to consider before availing the services of a travertine floor polish service provider 

Travertine is a type of limestone that is deposited around mineral springs. It is usually used for house interior flooring and backsplash as well. Travertine is a beautiful and aesthetically pleasing stone and it comes with various finishes such as polished, brushed, tumbled, and honed. 

With time, the travertine tiles on your floors might turn to look old, dull, and upsetting. However, it can be fixed through travertine floor polish. But before you go ahead and call a floor polish service provider there are some things that you might want to consider. 

Contact a Specialist

Floor polishing requires skill, as you are already going to spend a good amount of money on it anyway, better do it right. Call a good company that offers this service to get fine results and customer satisfaction. People often make the mistake of hiring an unspecialized floor polish service provider just because it is relatively cheaper. When you do that, you not only miss out on getting that new shining look, but you are in a way wasting your money as well. This is because now you still spent a lot of money but still would not get the results you were expecting or waiting for. 

Compare Prices 

Even though it is mentioned above that you should not opt for a floor polisher just because it is cheap, note that there is nothing wrong with comparing the prices of different service providers before hiring one. Travertine floor polish can already charge a decent amount of money but you do not want to be overcharged for it. By comparing the prices of different Polish service providers, you can get a general idea about the pricing. And further you can choose a well-reputed company who is overcharging you. 

Check for Previous Reviews 

If you find a company you are thinking about hiring, hold that thought and check for previous customer reviews of that service provider. When the polisher is done with your floors, you have to accept it even if you are not a hundred percent satisfied. Hence you need to get a good insight if the customers before you were satisfied or not. And you do so by analyzing previous reviews. The reviews can also show you the probability of you getting full customer satisfaction. And also, if the customer reviews are more on the negative side, it is best to avoid that service provider because you don’t need to gamble with it. 


Hiring a service provider with no or almost no experience is not advised. Putting your trust in a service provider with zero or near-zero experience can result in low-quality outcomes. Hence it is preferable to check for a service provider who has dealt with a good number of customers. It usually enhances the customer service aspect as well. 


You should keep in mind the above-mentioned points before you avail the services of a travertine floor polish service provider. As a customer, you should get your money’s worth so make sure to hire a specialist. However, don’t let them overcharge you by comparing prices beforehand. Make sure to check for previous reviews and experience of the service provider and you are all set for hiring a good service provider for you. 


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