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What type of lighting is best for outdoors?

When it comes to outdoor lighting, the primary purpose is to provide light for activities performed outdoors. Adding accent lights by your front door will help you find your keys in the morning. Floodlights are best suited for large expanses and are the perfect solution for illuminating your entire lawn. However, you should consider the environment when choosing the type of light to use in your yard. For instance, when you plan on having a large barbecue on your patio, you can install a floodlight on either side of it.

You can also use spotlights in your outdoor electrical service space to highlight a particular feature and not cast a wide beam of light everywhere. They are the best choice for areas where you need to distinguish features, like trees, plants, and other outdoor furnishings. Be sure to select fixtures with a warm 2700K color temperature. Otherwise, your lights may overpower the entire area. Alternatively, a brighter and wider beam of light is ideal for outdoor spaces. Contact Southern Outdoor Lighting for professional help making your yard look beautiful.

While outdoor lighting can vary greatly in color, the primary Kelvin range is 2500k to 4000k. Higher Kelvin color temperatures are better for architectural elements, while lower kelvin light produces a warmer amber color. Typically, outdoor fixtures will have a color temperature in the red-orange region, whereas cooler white color temperatures are better for plant material. You can decide which type is best for your outdoor area based on the purpose of the lighting.

Residential outdoor lighting is usually between 2500k and 4000k. In terms of color temperature, warmer colors will be best for architectural elements, while cooler ones will be better suited for plant material. A lamp with a warmer Kelvin temperature will look more natural and appealing, while light with a higher Kelvin value will mimic the moonlight. If you have a garden that needs lighting, consider installing a lantern on each side of the fence or wall.

If you are planning to install a landscaped area, you should consider the type of outdoor lighting. If the lighting is intended to provide security, you should choose a fixture with a lower temperature than the opposite. Similarly, a high-quality light will highlight the architectural features of the building, while a low-quality light will be a better option for your home. You should also consider the type of lighting for the purpose of safety.

The style of your house and the area you want to light should be considered when you are choosing outdoor lighting. Besides reducing energy consumption, outdoor lighting should also look beautiful. You should choose light and dark bulbs that suit the overall look and feel of your building. When selecting outdoor fixtures, make sure that they are safe to install. If you live in a coastal area, you should buy fixtures with a salt-resistant coating.

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