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How To Get Your House List Ready For Sale

If you are planning to sell your home, there are a few boxes you want to make sure to check to ensure  it’s ready for sale and ready to be listed!

First, you want to work with a licensed realtor to make sure you know the fair market value of your house. After that, you want to determine your listing price.

If your home needs a lot of work to be ready for sale, you might want to consider offering the house for sale, “as-is.” This means you will not make any repairs prior to selling, unless the buyer requests repairs to be made during the inspection period, but that is a completely different story.  “If you want to get top dollar for your home, you want to make sure your house is fully updated, clean and presentable, Daniel Pessin said. “Put yourself in the buyer’s shoes. When they walk into your home, do you think they could envision themself living there?”

Clean Your House

The most important part of listing your house for sale, is making sure your house is clean and presentable. This really goes a long way. This may require you to hire a professional cleaner. Make sure to point out any stains or blemishes to the cleaner so they know those are problem areas that they should focus on.

Make Repairs

Do you have holes in your walls? Is there anything broken that can easily be seen if someone were to walk your property?  You want to make sure to have all of these little things repaired. Most of the time a handy man can fix a lot of these little issues. Remember, you only get one chance to make a first impression when a buyer walks into your home. If they see things that are broken or not functional, it won’t give the buyer a positive experience which ultimately won’t get you the most money possible for your home. “Remember, a lot of times buyer’s are not interested in making repairs themselves,” Daniel Pessin said. “They want to move into a house that is already “move in ready.” 

To excess dust being collected on the top of the paint. You might want to use a complimentary colored paint for walls to make them look shiny and beautiful again.

Stage Your Home

Staging your home can really make a big difference. Did you know that staged homes sell 87% faster then non-staged homes according to a Forbes article. It makes sense if you think about it. If you put yourself in the buyer’s shoes, what do you think is more appealing to a buyer? Walking into a home with nice furniture or walking into an empty house? It’s a lot easier to visualize a house with furniture and overall it gives a buyer a better vibe.

If you have furniture already at the house that looks nice and presentable then that’s perfect. Keep that there and it will definitely help.  If you don’t consider buying some used furniture off Facebook marketplace to use for staging. Maybe you spend an extra $500-$1000 for furniture, but if you think about it, if you sell your home faster and you sell for top dollar, its worth the investment. 

Curb Appeal

Since the first thing a buyer will see is the outside of your house, you want to make sure the exterior of your house and the landscaping looks presentable. This could be as simple as mowing your grass, putting down some fresh mulch and planting a few flowers. You could even pressure wash your house which is a simple thing, but it really makes a big difference!

In conclusion, if you are thinking about listing your home, the first step is to call a realtor.”  “Once you know the value of your home and how much you want to list it for, you can start working on making small repairs and getting your home cleaned up and list ready,” Daniel Pessin said. “By cleaning up your home, making necessary repairs, and staging your home, you will ensure that you sell your home for the most money possible and as fast as possible.” Good luck!


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