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Types of kitchen cabinets

There are three types of cabinets: partial overlap, full overlap, and insert. Each term is used to describe how a kitchen cabinet door or drawer sits on or in a cabinet frame. These three types of cabinets also represent different budgets and styles. Here is an overview of the three types of cabinets:

  • A partial overlay cabinet (also known as a “standard” or “traditional” overlay cabinet) has been an industry standard for many years. In the Partial Overlay section, the door only partially covers the frame on the front of the cabinet, exposing large parts of the frame. Because drawer doors and fronts are smaller and use less material than the entire cover, this style is often used to reduce production costs. This is often seen in the traditional kitchen style.
  • Partial overhead cabinets are a budget-saving option that often occurs in older homes.

With complete cabinet overlay styles, the door and drawer fronts cover almost the entire cabinet surface. This look supports a contemporary, modern or transitional style. The cost of fully covered enclosures is higher than the cost of partial coverage because more material is used in production. Fully covered cabinets usually do not have a vertical style frame between the two doors, which allows for larger storage of larger items.

  • The complete overlay is a great choice for transitional, modern, or contemporary kitchens.

In conclusion, the entrance box is very different from the partial and complete overlap. For closed cabinets, the door and front drawer are located inside the openings of the cabinet frame flush with the frame. This is the most expensive variant of the cabinet door due to the high level of craftsmanship and various hardware needed to produce the recessed panel. The enclosed closet of traditional, transitional, and craft houses looks great.

There are different styles of cabinet doors and deciding which one is right for you and your kitchen cabinates can be overwhelming. While some types of cabinet doors are best suited for specific design themes, many door styles can work beautifully with a variety of designs. Some exclusive cabinet door styles include;

Cabinet door styles:

Shaker style cabinet doors: The most popular cabinet door style is Shaker Style. They offer clean lines, a hidden panel, and small decorations.

Signature Custom Cabinetry Doors in “colonial” style.

Plaque doors: The flat door style offers a clean and minimalist look. The wooden board covers the entire door with flat panels. It best suits modern, contemporary, and European cuisines. Modern cabinets are characterized by a lack of decoration and simplicity of form and can be made of different materials.

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